Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Duct Cleaning in West Lynn

The indoor air quality (IAQ) of a home or business place cannot be overstated in its importance to occupant well-being. The Before Photo illustrates the amount ... READ MORE

West Lynn Mold Remediation and Storm Cleanup

Often after the floodwaters have receded from a property, the dampness remaining results in several issues. The moisture wicked into building materials like dry... READ MORE

Why SERVPRO Can Help in Saugus

When a sewage blockage occurs in a Saugus home, as shown by this unpleasant yet real, Before Photo, action to safely remove the health hazards is also real. Our... READ MORE

When Mold Attacks a Saugus Area Structure

When water leaks create excess moisture that goes undetected or ignored, the result can be as shown in this Before Photo. This structure in Saugus had a large i... READ MORE

Saugus Air Quality Improvement

The indoor air quality IAQ of commercial buildings and residences in the Saugus area benefit from air duct cleaning. Our SERVPRO HQ often receives calls to serv... READ MORE

Saugus Mold Damaged Structure

The Before Photo in this Saugus home indicates a significant mold infestation. When a water leak is ignored, after some days, dormant mold spores present in hom... READ MORE