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Living room with plastic over the entrance from the stairs

Saugus Pressure Cooker Mishap Leaves Smoke Damage Cleanup for SERVPRO

SERVPRO handled severe smoke damage from a pressure cooker that got left on in a Saugus home. The techs found the issue was limited to the downstairs and partitioned off the work area to stop the spread of smoke odors throughout the home. 

cooper pipe fitting spewing water studs showing

Saugus Frozen Water Pipe Damage

The extremely cold weather froze some pipes in this Saugus home. The broken fitting in this shower stall area shows the damage caused by the water. SERVPRO can repair the pipe, dry the area, and close up the walls.

SERVPRO techs with extraction equipment in school hallway

West Lynn School Needs Deep Clean After Oil Spill

A pipe break in a West Lynn school led to a large amount of oil on the tile floor. OIl requires the use of a degreasing agent to release the grip on surfaces. The technicians needed to clean a large portion of the building quickly. Shown are three employees working hard to complete the oil spill cleanup.

tech sanding drywall, equipment on tarp covered floor.

Water Damage Repair in West Lynn

Our SERVPRO crew responded to an Urgent Care Center in West Lynn request for help with water damage. We removed the water from the shown waiting room and then proceeded to demolish and remove the non-salvageable drywall. Our technician is sanding down the newly installed drywall with an air scrubber present to capture airborne dust. With our General Contractor License #: cs-114298 we can complete the entire job, one-stop shopping!

kitchen, removed cabinets, subfloor visible and range

Saugus Water Damage Restoration

The Photo shows this Saugus kitchen during the demolition process by our SERVPRO technicians. Opened walls, removed base cabinets are necessary to discard non-salvageable items and also to dry the hidden accesses and voids. Mold remediation often requires controlled demolition.

pooling water on warped red floorboards

Water Warping Hardwoods in West Lynn

Crawlspace homes usually have oak or pine planking supported by floor joists in older homes in the West Lynn area. These tongue and groove floorboards are expensive to be replaced, so SERVPRO technicians work hard to dry and salvage them.

carpet now dry, equipment working, gray cubicle and chairs shown

Saugus Water Cleanup in a Call Center

This small call center/office suite in Saugus suffered a water leak from the restroom. SERVPRO responded quickly, vacuumed up the moisture, and then set air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the workplace. We can salvage all the furnishings with fast action.

water reflections ceiling lights, gray cubicles, commercial carpet

Stormwater Damage in a West Lynn Business Center

The water flowed in after the rains and soaked several areas of this busy commercial office in West Lynn. The head of a vacuum pump, connected to our truck, is already suctioning off the pooling water. Let's get this business back in business.

fire damage garage, charred elements and ceiling

Fire in a West Lynn Garage

The devastation from this fire in a West Lynn garage can be cleaned up in a few days by a crack SERVPRO crew. After discarding the ruined materials according to local codes, we can begin restoring improved air quality as we prepare for the build back.

brown, backed up sewage in a bathroom

Storm-Induced Sewage Backup in West Lynn

The unpleasant result of groundwater blocking sewage and then backing up into a West Lynn home requires biohazard cleanup from a professional team like SERVPRO. We can pump out and dispose of the contaminated liquid according to codes and then begin the disinfecting process.

sooty looking ceiling, damaged cabinets

Fire and Smoke Damage in a Saugus Kitchen

The sooty deposits on the ceiling of this Saugus kitchen require careful cleaning with special detergents and sponges. This can minimize the smearing and the need to repaint the entire ceiling, walls, and cabinets surfaces. Our team can then complete the odor removal process.

Worker standing by opened black SUV, cleaned and fresh

West Lynn Vehicle Restoration

Our SERVPRO team restored a factory-new vehicle to its preloss condition following an a/c fluid leak into the passenger compartment. This is a toxic material that we treat as a biohazard cleanup. Because the fluid is hygroscopic (readily absorbs moisture), mold also developed on the porous interior coverings. We stripped this car down to the framing before HEPA-vacuuming, deep cleaning, and then treating with ozone gas and an EPA approved disinfectant. Our client was pleased that the vehicle was restored to showroom condition.

ripped ceiling showing joists, insulation and debris on the floor

West Lynn Storm Damaged Roof and Attic

The nor'easter ripped off a section of the roof in this West Lynn home and badly damaged the attic and ceiling. Our SERVPRO team can clean up this safety hazard and then begin the build back.

soot on wall and ceiling, showing white area cleaned of the film

Saugus Smoke and Soot Cleanup

The house fire sent smoke and soot circulating through the entire floor of this Saugus home. The Photo shows how our SERVPRO team can wipe down, using special sponges and detergents, affected walls. Homeowners are delighted when repainting is not needed.

SERVPRO service vehicle in front of a medical facility at night

Late Night Commercial Water Damage Cleanup in Woburn

When a medical facility in Woburn had a water damage event late at night, the technicians from SERVPRO arrived quickly to begin the extraction and drying. A portion of the walls needed emergency demolition and reconstruction to get the facility back to serving the community as fast as possible.

flood cut way, green drying devices by commode

Saugus Water Damage Mitigation

The Photo shows a controlled demolition in a Saugus bathroom to minimize the deconstruction. Rapid drying with the shown air movers and dehumidifier helps to dry the area and mitigate the water damage.

SERVPRO equipment in front of large older building

SERVPRO Handles Sprinkler Head Commercial Water Damage in Lawrence

The techs at SERVPRO responded to a large building in Lawrence that had an emergency water damage situation crop up after a drywall contractor broke a sprinkler head and the resulting water flow affected a total of six floors all during a holiday weekend.

white Tyvek suit tech spraying chemical, in structure

West Lynn Municipal Disinfection Application

SERVPRO continues to treat many West Lynn commercial and municipal buildings with fogging and electrostatic disinfecting agents. Our tech has donned a Tyvek Hazmat suit and gear during this service. We can secure the health and safety of occupants of buildings with our expert efforts. We can help.

stripped walls and ceiling panels in this room, ladder against the wall

West Lynn Storm Mitigation

The penetrated roof from a severe nor'easter deposited volumes of water in the attic, ceiling, and walls of this West Lynn property. Luckily, SERVPRO technicians have the skill, experience, and equipment to mitigate the storm damage and begin the restoration process.

Scorched and destroyed from fire range and kitchen cabinets and walls

Saugus Fire Mishap in a Kitchen

This kitchen in a Saugus home was devastated by a grease fire from an unintended frying pan. A few moments of carelessness can result in thousands of dollars in free damage cleanup and restoration. Luckily, Our SERVPRO crew can manage a seamless transition from this Photo to a new kitche

mold growing on wall

Mold Damage In West Lynn

Your West Lynn property is in good hands when our specialists respond to your emergency! SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn is the best in the industry and Faster to Any Size Disaster! Our state-of-the-art equipment can restore your West Lynn property to pre-damage condition.

wood panel wall with water stains, floor register

Saugus Water Damage

The water line on the paneled wall of this Saugus home indicates that the liquid wicked into the material. Luckily, SERVPRO has skilled technicians to dry out the wet building materials (including the carpet) and prevent demolition and excessive costs for our customers. Count on us to help.

green air movers drying floor in office with desks

Saugus Air Quality Improvement

The fast response of our SERVPRO crew mitigated the water damage to this West Lynn office. We immediately vacuumed up the water from the carpet, placed the wood furniture on dense foam blocks, and used small-snout air movers to dry the air and flooring. No lasting damage, not even to the metal filing cabinets.

storm damaged home

Flood Damage In West Lynn

Don’t let a flood destroy your West Lynn home; call our crew! Our technicians are ready 24/7 and Faster to Any Size Disaster! SERVPRO of Saugus, West Lynn has the certified personnel, expertise, training, and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your West Lynn home to pre-damage condition.

sooty, black film on doors and ceiling

West Lynn Smoke Damage

The smoke from a small fire in a West Lynn home deposited a black, sooty film on many porous surfaces. Our SERVPRO technicians can pre-test using several products to find the right solution to cleaning away the smoke damage. The goal is to prevent re-painting of the surfaces.

water damaged tape and ceiling white color

West Lynn Water Damaged Ceiling

The leak in the attic resulted in ceiling damage to this West Lynn home. The SERVPRO team can stop the drip, and dry the joint tape and mud in the attempt to minimize the repair. We try to restore this ceiling panel, rather than a controlled demolition and replacing a large piece.

spotted mold on support girder in crawlspace.

Mold-Infested Saugus Crawlspace

The moisture in this Saugus area crawlspace was infested with mold colonies due to the excess moisture in the confined area. SERVPRO can use a dry ice pellet pressurized service (dry ice blasting) to remove the fungi without introducing more moisture. Another reason Why SERVPRO is a premier restoration company.

charred back wall, damaged sheetrock, showing exhaust duct

Fire Damaged Laundry Closet in Saugus

The Photo illustrates the results of a lint filled exhaust duct in a Saugus residence. The fire damaged was localized; our SERVPRO team can remove the debris and prepare the walls for a build back. The duct can be cleaned and cleared with a metal whisk and vacuumed with our equipment.

equipment and duct drying crawlspace, earthen ground

West Lynn Flooded Crawlspace

This non-encapsulated crawlspace in a West Lynn house was soaked with groundwater from a flood. SERVPRO arrived swiftly to extract any remaining water and then set up air movers to expedite the drying process. Our goal was to prevent secondary damage like mold growth or weakened floor planks. The flatlay duct was constructed to help port moisture-ladened air from the enclosed area to further increase the evaporation rate.

opened ceiling, damaged tiles and insulation

West Lynn Office Building Water Damage

The driving rainstorm soaked the insulation and ceiling tiles in this West Lynn commercial building. It pays to keep a roof in good order. Our SERVPRO team can remove and discard the inexpensive ceiling tiles--generally, it is not cost-effective to dry and restore them. We do dry the above void to prevent mold growth and apply an antimicrobial product.

rover vacuum with hose, carpet and sofa

West Lynn Water Removal

The famed "Rover" is a device in our advanced water removal inventory at SERVPRO. A crew member can ride this equipment, adding extra weight to help squeeze the water out of this Berber carpet. We always strive to restore and not replace water-damaged items and content. Our West Lynn customer was delighted that we could salvage this carpet.